Email Aliases

What is an email alias?

This is what we refer to when students have an email address based on their name ( for someone named John Smith for example) instead of the BannerID (like  This makes it easier for people to remember your address and associate it with you (instead of the long string of numbers).

This does not change your username that you use to access campus systems.  When you login to New Paltz computer systems you will need to keep using your regular username and not the alias for logins.

How do you setup an alias?

1 – Login to

2 – In the “Student Information” section, click “Computer Services”

3 – Click “Request E-mail Alias”, read the provided information, and choose an alias

4 – Your alias will be setup within 24 hours.  You will receive an email (at your hawkmail address) when it is setup.


To send mail FROM your new alias

If you want to setup your hawkmail account to use as your from address, instead of your  “”, then follow the steps below:

1 – Login to the hawkmail account
2 – Click on the icon at the top right which looks like a gear
3 – Click on “Mail Settings
4 – Click on the Accounts tab
5 – Choose “Add another email address you own
6 – Enter your address (NOT your and click “Next Step
7 – Click “Send Verification” and you will be sent a verification email.  Follow the instructions in that email.

After you are verified, you can make it your ‘default’ address
1 – Go back to the Gear icon and click “Mail Settings” again.
2 – Click on the Accounts tab
3 – Click “Make Default” next to your alias address



Note regarding a bug with aliases on Google

If you email your own alias, from your Hawkmail account, it will not go through.  This ONLY happens when you are in your own Hawkmail account, trying to email your own alias.  If you email anyone else’s alias address it will work fine.  If you email your own alias from an account other than your own Hawkmail account, it will also work fine.