Smartphone Usage Policy

Smartphone Usage Policy


Smartphones (such as the iPhone and Android phones) provide a way for people to wirelessly access email, calendar and other information sources. Since these devices connect and download information from the College’s email and other information servers, they both require some support from the IT staff, and their loss or misuse does introduce a new security risk.


The Support section of this policy applies to all College provided Smartphones.

The User Responsibilities section applies to all Smartphones, whether College provided or personally owned, which connect to the College’s email and information servers.


The College will support the use of personal information managers when connecting to the Zimbra email / calendar system. This only devices supported are iOS (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad) and Android devices.  Devices are to be setup by the users themselves based on available documentation.  If assistance is needed, users should contact their carrier or device manufacturer.


User Responsibilities – Security:

* Password Protection: Protect your Blackberry or other device with a power-on password. The password should be at least 6 characters long and contain numbers and letters.

* Sensitive Information: Handheld devices should not be used to store passwords or other sensitive or proprietary information. They should never be used to store personally identifiable or private information (grades, sensitive emails, etc.) unless the information is encrypted.

* Reporting Loss / Automatic Data Deletion: Report a lost or stolen device to the Help Desk immediately. When this happens, we will issue an auto-destruct instruction that will wipe out the device the next time it is connected to the network.

* Data charges: In the case of user owned devices, the user is responsible for any data charges.

* Anyone connecting to the college’s Zimbra email system is required to have a passcode (or some other device protection such as the image pattern on Android phones).